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This song begins in the Key of D Major and then modulates to the Key of E Major.

Alternating the bass (Root/5th), is effective for this song.

Introduction – 0:00 to 0:10

Verse 1 (Rehearsal Letter “A”) – 0:10 to 0:49

The lyric orientation is “long time forgotten…”

The verse is 24 bars notated as 12 bars repeated.

The chord changes are:

Chorus 1 (Rehearsal Letter “B”)- 0:49 to 1:26

The lyric orientation is “good hearted woman…”

For rhythm guitar, this is same as the Verse (“A”). Notated as a separate section for structural clarity.

Verse 2 – 1:26 to 2:03

The lyric orientation is “He likes the bright…”

This is same as the first verse (“A”), except you rest for the final two bars – bars 15 & 16 of the repeat.

Chorus 2 (Rehearsal Letter “C”) – 2:03 to 2:40

This is the same chord progression as Chorus 1 (“B”), but now in the key of E Major.

The chord diagrams are:

Outro – 2:40 to 2:57

Repeat Chorus 2 (“C”), and start fading around bar 9.

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