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This song is in the Key of Ab Major. Notated here for Capo at 1st Fret using Open Position “Key of G” Shapes.

Always take some time to thoughtfully consider the finger weight and movement for the chord changes. Reference: Introduction to Finger Weight & Movement Awareness and Barre Chords (E-Shape)

Intro – 0:00 to 0:17

Verse 1 (Rehearsal Letter “A”) – 0:17 to 0:56

The lyric orientation is “There be no strings…”

Chorus 1 (Rehearsal Letter “B”) – 0:56 to 1:28

The lyric orientation is “Just call me angel…”

Verse 2 – 1:28 to 2:06

The lyric orientation is “Maybe the sun’s light…”

From a Rhythm Guitar perspective, this is a repeat of Verse 1 (“A”).

Chorus 2 (Rehearsal Letter “C”) – 2:06 to 2:38

The lyric orientation is “Just call me angel…”

This is a repeat of Chorus 1 (“B”) with the last two bars changed to continue the C Chord. Notated as a separate section for structural clarity.

Bridge (Rehearsal Letter “D”) – 2:38 to 3:03

Outro – 3:03 to 4:10

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