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This song is in the Key of G Major.

Always take some time to thoughtfully consider the finger weight and movement for the chord changes. Reference: Introduction to Finger Weight & Movement Awareness

You can use Open Position G, C, and D Chords instead of G5, Csus2, and D5. There are instances during the song where C and D are actually used instead of Csus2 and D5. There are also instances where CADD9 in used instead of Csus2. These are nuances to listen for however, whatever you choose will work.

Form Overview

Intro – 0:00 to 0:15

The chord changes diagrams are:

Verse 1 (Rehearsal Letter “A”) – 0:15 to 0:35

Lyric: “…Another…”

The additional chord changes diagrams are:

Chorus 1 (Rehearsal Letter “B”) – 0:35 to 0:52

Lyric: “something…”

Verse 2 (Repeat “A”) – 0:52 to 1:12

Lyric: “…So take…”

Chorus 2 (Repeat “B”) – 1:12 to 1:30

Lyric: “something…”

Verse 3 (Repeat “A”) – 1:30 to 1:51


Chorus 3 (Repeat “B”) – 1:51 to 2:08

Lyric: “something…”

Outro – 2:08 to 2:33

Lyric: “something…”

This is a repeat of “B” with one extra bar at the end.

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