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Playing music is very much a “what you do with what you got” kind of endeavour. Successful musicians (meaning those who experience joy when playing music), don’t know “how to play everything”. They just know how to make what they do know “work”.

This course is about learning to participate by not letting what you can’t do get in the way of what you can do.

Embrace exploring and developing your musicianship as an evolutionary experience – success only being defined by how much joy you feel at any given moment. There is no end game. It is only about the experience.

This course is organized into Songs and Reference Articles. The Reference Articles are NOT individual lessons designed to be completed in any particular order. As you explore the songs, the articles are there for you to reference as needed.

Where to start? Your path is going to be unique, and it should be so. First, start somewhere. Trust that your path is the only right one for you. Allow yourself to enter a loop, crisscross, revisit, forget, and rediscover. Just don’t stop exploring.

The “Fret Hand Awareness & Fretboard Knowledge” and “Listening” articles are very much reference articles and you will quickly realize how to use them as such. The “Rhythmic Articulation & Notation” articles are much more cumulative and you can sort this list into a suggested order of exploration. The “Song Play Along Road Maps” can also be sorted according to a suggested order, based primarily on a progressive development of fret hand technique..

Reference Articles

Fret Hand Awareness & Fretboard Knowledge

Fret Hand Awareness & Fretboard Knowledge articles are about understanding how to organize combinations of notes on the fretboard and how to teach your fret hand to physically execute these note combinations.

Open Position Major, Minor & 7th Chords / Introduction to Finger Weight & Movement Awareness
Open Position Suspended 4th Chord/Embellishment
Root/5th Chords
Barre Chords (E-Shape)


Listening articles are about becoming aware of how the elements of music make you feel. This results in being able to play “by ear”.

20 Songs To Get Started
Take It Home (Part 1)
Take It Home (Part 2)

Rhythmic Articulation & Notation

Rhythmic Articulation & Notation are about understanding rhythm – both how to create it (strumming), and how it is written.

Feeling The Pulse1
Quarter-Note Feel2
Rests, Half-Notes & Whole-Notes3
Eighth-Note Feel4


Song Play Along Road Maps

Song Play Along Road Maps are basic structural outlines (song form, fundamental rhythmic figures, and chord changes), of songs. These are meant to help you to participate with the recording using what you know. They do not contain detailed information about exactly what the guitarist(s) on the recording is actually playing.

Satisfied Mind
Open Position Chords / IV-V-I / V-IV-I / 3/4 Time
Save The Last Dance For Me
Open Position Chords / I-V-I / I-IV-I
Ballad Of John & Yoko
Open Position Chords / Eighth-Note Feel
My Boyfriend’s Back
Open Position Chords / I-IV-V
Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
Open Position Chords / I-IV-V-I / Key Change / 3/4 Time
Me And Bobby McGee
Open Position Chords / I-V-I / I-IV-I / Key Change
Good Riddance
Open Position Chords / I-IV-V / VI-V-IV-I
Act Naturally
Open Position Chords / Down/Up Strumming / Alternating Bass Notes
Don’t Be Cruel
Open Position Chords / II-V-I
Coat Of Many Colors
Open Position Chords / I-IV-I / I-V-I / Key Change (Up MA2)
A Good Hearted Woman
Open Position Chords / Quarter-Note Feel / Alternating Bass Notes
Mull Of Kintyre
Open Position Chords / I-IV / 3/4 Time
That’ll Be The Day
Open Position and/or Root5th Chords and/or Root/5th With 6th Embellishment / Shuffle Feel
The Rose
Open Position and F Barre (E-Shape) Chords
Kansas City
Open Position C Chord and E-Shape Barre (7th) / Twelve Bar Blues Form / Shuffle / Muted Strum
Angel Of The Morning
Open Position and A-Shape Barre (Minor) Chords / Triplet Strum
Teach Your Children
Open Position and Bmi Barre (A-Shape) Chords / I-IV-I / I-V-I / I-VI-IV-V
A Teenager In Love
Open Position and E-Shape Barre Chords / I-VI-IV-V Progression
Lyin’ Eyes
Open Position, Bmi Barre (A-Shape), and Slash Chords
On The Road Again
Open Position and F Barre (E-Shape) Chords / III7 / Quarter-Note Feel
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Open Position and E-Shape Barre Chords / 12/8 Time Signature
California Dreamin'
Open Position and E-Shape Barre Chords
Be My Baby
E-Shape Barre Chords / Multi-Direction Strumming / I-II-V-I / I-VI-II-V / III-VI-II-V
Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
Open Position and E-Shape Barre Chords / Descending Cliche
Love Me Tender - Open D, D/A, E7, E7/B, A7, A7/E, G, B7 | Barre F#7/C#, Bmi, Gmi
Coward Of The County
Open Position, A-Shape, and E-Shape Barre Chords / Key Change
Night Moves
Open Position, Slash, F Barre (E-Shape), and Bmi Barre (A-Shape) Chords / Muted Strum